The first 3D printed climbing shoe.

Created for you

Every ATHOS shoe is a one-off. 

We want to empower you to create your own and unique climbing shoe.


ATHOS is made based on your feet, needs and type of climbing.

Pull straps
Vulcanized rubber
3D printing 

The power of 3D printing

ATHOS is the first climbing shoe using 

and applying additive manufacturing.


Based on the HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, ATHOS improves technical solutions, optimizes processes and allows a unique experience for the user.

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Scan of both feet


Personalization & customization


Print & send

User journey

To have an ATHOS climbing shoe you would have to scan your feet either with your phone or in a store. Later on, you would have to customize it to your own got. Finally, we will ship it to you.

This user journey is in a development stage and can be modified depending on the final product.


We want to improve the climbing sector by reducing the injuries caused by the current climbing shoes, designing a unique product for every single user, improving the sport experience.


We want to reduce manufacturing processes and generate a circular economy. 


The implementation of additive technology will allows to reduce the environmental impact and climate change.

Social Involvement

Our highest goal is to be able to reduce environmental impact and help society at the same time.