climbing the future

your unique and custom made climbing shoe

beta phase.

be one of the first 50 to have an ATHOS climbing shoe.

3D technology

3D printing technology is our biggest ally in creating more adapted and sustainable products. 

The mass customization and the production on-demand allow us to develop a more responsible way of consumption and manufacturing.

           is about innovation and positive change.


We strive every day to improve our fit with the user and the planet to consciously evolve into a better future.


all of us have different needs and perspectives. that diversity is what inspires us to focus on the uniqueness of each person.


we work for people and respect them, regardless of gender, religion, culture or opinion.


-  we are all unique.


we believe in evolution and in the power of innovation to always find new solutions. 

3D printing technology and constant research are part of our DNA.


-  make the impossible possible.


we believe in a better and more sustainable world.

the implementation of

on-demand manufacturing and local production are some of our contributions to taking care of our planet.


-  we work for a better future.

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Athos, first customized climbing shoe - 3D printed.

National finalist.


Your next climbing shoe could be completely 3D printed.


Las zapatillas de escalada impresas en 3D que se adaptan al pie del deportista.


ATHOS climbing shoes ensure

a comfortable and customized Fit.


El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona selecciona doce "start ups" para su programa Sportstech.


Climbing becomes the 14th sport discipline to leverage additive manufacturing.


Athos, the 3D printed climbing shoes that adapt to an athlete’s Feet


Proyectos del Máster de Producto, nominados a los James Dyson Awards.


Le nuove scarpe da arrampicata offrono una vestibilità perfetta grazie alla tecnologia HP Multi Jet Fusion


From 3D printed ballet shoes and bicycle seats to robotic arms and homes, innovation enabled by 3D printing is everywhere. 


InterviewEmili S. Taixés is the CEO and co-founder of Athos, the first 3D printed and customized climbing shoe ever.


ATHOS is Climbing the Future with HP. New climbing shoes offer perfect fit thanks to HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.